Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I found what makes a picture worth a thousand words....

It's life. It's about making memories, because you never know if you have tomorrow.
This picture is worth a thousand words, because there is nothing I can say.  
Nothing we can say to his wife and 8 children that lost their Dad this morning.
When it all comes down to it, on a day like today no one cares about what camera you had or how much you know about photography. On a day like today that all means nothing.
It's being greatful for the memories we have of him, and wishing we had another chance to make more.
I would never have even noticed this picture until today, never would have thought this picture would make me cry and ache, and be the best picture I have ever taken.
This group of 3 men will never have the chance to sing again until heaven...but when they are reunited, I think it will be one of God's favorite trios. Not because of how great they sounded, but because of their faithfulness, courage, boldness, and testimony.
We lost a hero today. We lost a fun, kind, smart, loving servant.
But heaven gained...
We will miss you, Mr. Parfitt. But you went the way you lived. 
Helping others. Witnessing. Sacrificing.
Thank you for teaching me a life long lesson about photography and life in general...I will never forget.
<3 <3 <3


  1. Thank you, Ahsley. It couldn't have been said any better!

  2. Amen. Made me cry too! Thanks for the photo!

  3. Praying for the family!! Which one in the picture is Bro. Parfitt? We were at Old Paths earlier this year.

  4. Made me cry, too, Ashley. Thank you so much for this. No one will deny that my father was a wonderful man.

  5. Denise, the one on the right is Mr Parfitt.
    He will be missed.
    Allen, I am so glad you liked the picture.