Monday, February 21, 2011

"It impressed us all"

It was over 2 months ago now that our church family lost a servant, a friend, a giver, and the Parfitt family lost their Dad, husband, and hero. I just watched channel 13 news replay the story, and do a follow-up of how the family is doing, telling the story of their continuing faith.
God is still using this story- I don't think it is very likely for an accident that happened more than 2 months ago to get over a 3 minute story on the 5 o'clock news. They have been announcing the story over the weekend- it was a big deal to them to give an update.  People haven't forgotten.  That is so amazing that God is still using their testimony and Mr Parfitt's act of kindness that resulted in him giving the ultimate sacrifice.
The story ended with the news anchors stating that the family's faith impressed one of the reporters and "it impressed us all." So true...
When I went to share the news clip on Buzz, it popped up with a thumbnail of a picture. A picture I took.  The one I found the morning Mr. Parfitt when home to heaven. He was singing for the last time with his co-workers that used to sing outside of Harris. I may never take another picture that ends up on the news again- chances are I won't.  I know for a fact the day that I took this picture that I was distracted, I had a lot on my mind. I am actually surprised I even had my camera out that day. I know that when I snapped that picture I never checked my camera's settings. I didn't make sure I had composed the picture well. I didn't spend an hour post-processing the image in Photoshop...and yet there it is on the news, because it captured a memory.  One we will never get back. Many memories, actually. The location of that picture, the purpose of the get-together, the people gathered, the reason I was distracted....everything has changed.  We will never get the place, or the people, or those memories back.  That's hard to deal with. Life can be very hard to deal with some times. When all you have is a picture....the only representation of what was or what could have been. That's when you need faith.  Faith like the Parfitts- the kind that sees beyond our own plan to the Master's plan.  It continues to impress us all.

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