Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My first attempt at editing in Camera Raw

It's the classic argument- JPEG vs.Raw.  I shoot so many pictures every week right now, that I have felt comfortable with my jpeg files, they are smaller, and my opinion if you shoot in camera correctly you won't need to edit them extensively.  It saved me money for new hard drives!  Well, I just got a very large card that is capable of storing thousands of high-resolution images so I am considering switching to Raw.  And I always knew there was the option of editing a JPEG in Camera Raw in Photoshop and Elements, so today I finally tried it.  I am SOLD!!!! Would I use it every day, no...but on important images....ABSOLUTELY!!!!  It is very easy when you are in Editor in PSE to go to File -> Open As -> Camera Raw -> and a whole new world opens up!
Here is an example:
 Well, this picture could have been cute, but I had just been shooting inside and I didn't re-adjust my settings when I went outside so I over-exposed this one big time.  White balance was off, too.
 When I went to edit this in PSE I had to darken the whole thing because I had to bring down my blown-out highlights...the problem is...I totally lost the sparkle in his eyes.
Warm colors, better lighting, and look at his eyes sparkle!!  I know I could have done more with it, but I was so impressed with the stuff I could turn up and down that I just slid a couple things around, and put it up here! I am so glad I tried it.

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