Friday, May 6, 2011

RIT Big Shot at the Strong Museum

A night on the town- food, catching up, illuminating the Strong Museum with 1000 other people with flashes and flashlights for a "Big Shot" at night, coffee after...It was a really fun experience.
Here are some photo highlights!
At the Cafe:

At Strong, lining up for the illuminators to get their places.

Kelly was awesome as we played with our flash and worked on our focus.  Until a flash went off in our eyes and then we couldn't see for 5 minutes.  That was really scary.  :)  It was like a burst of light and then a dark cloud that wouldn't go away.  I don't recommend powering a flash directly into someone's least not a friend!!
These are the lights of other illuminators on the side of the building.  I thought it was a cool shot.

Java's afterwards for some "eclectic drinks" 

At the end of the night we were putting our cameras away and I saw this cool bokeh in my friend's lens.  It looks like the solar system or something.