Monday, July 25, 2011

A Surprise for Mum

Dear Mum,
 I thought I would have a photo shoot done today while you were gone.
 The photographer said I was a very good boy.  The birds singing in the background gave me something to do while she was mumbling something about focus and exposure and stuff.
One of my kitty friends told me a rumor that you had put up some cell phone picture of me that were less than flattering, and I must admit that made me schedule the photo shoot as soon as I could.
I mean, look how beautiful I am! 
Do you think maybe someday I will be famous?
I hear there are a lot of girl kitties on this computer thing.
 Just in case that's true, I thought I had better make sure to show off both sides of me. So the ladies know I have nothing to hide!
I can't believe you brought me here all the way from Australia! At first, I missed my other Mum and was mad at you for making me go through that awful flight. I refused to eat for a while,  too. (I know I can be really snobby sometimes!)  But now I am so glad you did! I like being known as an International Feline! 
All the birds I heard and saw during my photo shoot made me hungry.
Need. More. Chicken!
Thanks for always cooking me special chicken. It tastes very good.
 I thought I would do one glamor shot for you and for the ladies when I become famous!
I hope you and all your kitty friends liked my photo shoot. 

Love, Bub 
(AKA Nemo)

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