Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A photographer with no camera!

Is that even possible?  I guess for me it is.  You see, I have paid for and ordered my *new* Nikon D7000.  I feel like I have been waiting MONTHS for it to get here...but it hasn't even been 2 weeks, and I may have to wait up to 4.  Only one order to have all the money for my new camera, I sold my old camera to my Mom.  She was so kind to still allow me to use it for a family photo shoot last Saturday, and several other times last week, but I handed every thing over to her this past Sunday. Which has left  me camera-less! 

So now I have a Jill-E bag...which is empty.
A reflector that I am SO excited to use...
A brand new Nikkor 50mm 1.8 lens....with nothing to attach it to...
AND no camera!!!!
I am not good at waiting.  :)

In the mean time I am doing other things with my time so that I don't get stale- I have been watching seminars, entering contests to win my DREAM studio lighting (side note:  please vote for my photo here  It is titled, "never take a smile for granted." ), and I just discovered that one of my favorite photographers that I have learned SO much from has classes and DVD's for sale and he is a Christian!!  His blog post is amazing!!

I think this week I will be doing my Project 52 theme: Shades of Gray  with my cell phone!  It could be a fun challenge, I suppose.  But it makes me even more excited to get my camera!

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