Monday, June 27, 2011

Fourth Update

The weeks are starting to go by so quickly and really resemble each other, so I am pretty sure if I wrote out every day’s details it would be very boring and repetitive!  We had 2 visitors come from Montana on Tuesday, they are 23 and 24 and have been fun to get to know this past week. We went on a long, scenic walk one afternoon, and the scenery was stunning!  I got tons of pictures of the mountains, and PNG life.  I came out to the radio station again this week in the hopes of working with my deaf girl, Sandra, but she has never come.  That is a bummer, because I think I could really help her.  It seemed like it finally clicked to her that I actually knew a whole finger language, she couldn’t stop watching me sign the songs the other day in church and gestured for me to come sit with her.  She did learn the signs for boy and girl, and bad and good and was having fun running around telling everyone they were a bad girl.  J  I am praying and hoping I will get a chance to give her the wordless chick track I got to bring over, and that she will comprehend what the pictures are saying.
I taught Junior Church again this week, it is so fun to sing with all the little kids and I have been teaching them about Hudson Taylor.  They understand some of what I am saying, and I ask them, “You save (pronounced sav-ay) or nogat? Which means, Do you understand? 
I am getting to know some of the PNG ladies in church better, and one came to me on Wednesday night and said “likem you” (which means Love you.)  I feel mixed feelings about this, because I want them to love me but I also know I am leaving and I don’t want them to get attached to me and then be sad when I leave.  I can greet people in Pidgin now, which they all like a lot.  The words I know are just English words spoken with an accent.  They don’t ask how are you here, they say “You alright?” “I’m alright.”
 I am teaching all 7 Wells’ children piano now, twice a week to try to help them as much as I can while I am here.  A few of them are really enjoying the lessons, and progressing well, so that has been a blessing. 
Tonight I just finished typing out the Institute of Bible Truth’s Missions course.  I merged 2 courses together and re-wrote and simplified all 40,000 words, so that was quite a job! 
We had a girl’s night at Deborah’s on Friday night.  That was really fun.  We all stayed up late and watched a movie.  We didn’t have power except the generator, and the stove and hot water were off because the kitchen was under construction, so we roasted hot dogs over a fire and boiled water for hot chocolate and it felt very third world…kind of.  J The men were all at a Faithful Men overnight meeting.  We spent all day Saturday over at KBBN also, and it was a lot of fun.  We were all very excited for the Wells’ as they installed their brand, new beautiful stove!  We celebrated with a cake and chili. 
Emily Wells’ slept over the Mission Home on Saturday night to help me prepare my big Italian feast.  I have learned a lot baking over here- the oven pilot light goes out all the time, and you never know when, so cooking times and temperatures are very subjective.  It is so humid that something that seems almost overdone, is gooey in the morning!  My plan on Saturday night was to start with baking a strawberry pie.  I had bought canned strawberries.  Well, the strawberries were rotten. No problem, I just so happened to have fresh ones.  3 worms and mild heart attacks later, my fresh strawberries were ready.  Then it took like a half hour to find a recipe that did not call for strawberry gelatin because we didn’t have any.  We finally found one and Emily made that.  I worked on rolling out the pie crust but something seemed terribly wrong.  The crust was a strange, greasy consistency.  I shaped it in the pie dish and baked it.  When it came out it looked even worse than when I had put it in! And it tasted absolutely awful, crunchy and greasy.  Becky came out a few minutes later and realized that somehow the oils had gotten moved around and we ended up using the unmarked deep fryer oil for the pie.  :P That explained a lot.  Plan G was now in place for our strawberry dessert…we scraped the berry mixture out of the pie and made a cobbler.  It was pretty late when we attempted our other dessert which was also close to disaster the entire baking time, but turned out good in the end.  Then we de-bugged and cut up cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans, and broccoli.  I made Italian dressing, browned the beef (the sausage here is really expensive and seems iffy), did the dishes, and finally got to bed around 12!  After church and choir practice on Sunday we served a sit-down dinner to over 20 people, including some other guests at the missionary home and Mr. and Mrs. Wells who were in town for the weekend.  We had broccoli and pasta, Italian green beans, cucumber salad, and garlic bread.  Praise the Lord it all came together…barely…the ingredients substitution thing, sharing a kitchen with a hotel, and the oven that insisted on turning off over and over, and the crushed red pepper deciding to be really spicy…anyway it turned out wonderful, even the desserts!! J After dinner, we played Buzz Word with a house full of friends, and then watched Becky and Brandon’s wedding DVD after dessert. 
It was another wonderful week.  Saturday marked my trip being half-way over.  I can’t believe how fast it has gone.  I feel like I have been here for so long, in a good way.  I know I will have a hard time leaving.  This weekend we are going camping for the 4th of July- all 17 of us in a Jeep-like vehicle for the 5 hour ride!!  It will be a blast!! 

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