Monday, June 20, 2011

Third Update from PNG, with a link to pictures!

 Please check out a few pictures here:   PHOTO ALBUM

Tuesday- I had planned on teaching Sandra in the morning, but the nationals here don’t have a very strong concept of punctuality or coming when they promised.  So instead I worked on a typing project that Bro. Brad gave me and caught up with my Mom and some friends online.  That night we went over in the evening for fellowship at the Wells’ house.  I am getting close with Deborah and the girls.  They are all very sweet. 
Wednesday- Wednesday was just a normal day back at the Missionary Home.  I am enjoying learning the different ways to cook and bake here- between having to know how to substitute ingredients that either aren’t available or are too expensive and the high altitude, you have to make a lot of adjustments.  My brownies that I attempted from scratch turned out so raw that Kezia had a raw egg reaction.  Oops! J The cooking times are much longer here.  Wednesday night we left early for church because tonight is the night of the State of the Origin game, which is like one of three “super bowls” for Rugby.  Sometimes there are riots in the streets, and the traffic can get really crazy.  We made it there and back with no events, and got to catch some of the game after church.
Thursday- Shopping Day!  I did the errands for the Missionary Home with Brandon in the morning, and then we all got to go out shopping in the afternoon.  Especially with the girls with us, and their white skin and blonde hair, you feel like a celebrity or something because everyone wants to stop and say hi and touch them.   At one store, Kezia was sitting with the security guard chewing on gum he gave to her. I made Garlic and Broccoli pasta for dinner with garlic bread and a salad.  I was so excited because I found Italian dressing at the store for 9 kena ($3) and it even tasted good!  Thursday night Bro. Brad brought me a large typing project that needed to be done by the next morning for Religious Instruction at the school.  So, I typed just about 4,000 words that night and a little bit the next morning, and got the project done. 
Friday- One of my favorite days so far!  Finished my typing project in the morning, went to do R.I. at the school with Brad and Deborah, ate lunch and then taught 5 piano lessons for a few hours, then Becky and the kids joined us and we had a wonderful, big dinner of venison, cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.  We were supposed to have peanut butter cups for dessert, but our peanut butter was at fault and the mixture tasted wonderful, but it never set.  At night, the guys all went down to play a computer game, and we stayed upstairs and watched a movie.  After that, we watched Brad and Deborah’s wedding video from 15 years ago!!  It was fun to watch, and Brad couldn’t believe Brandon and I were there, along with so many people from our church.  It is neat how the Lord brought the missionary’s lives together so many years later, but yet it seems like we have known them for so long.  J
Saturday- Day of rest!  Brandon found a very nice Coleman tent on clearance here, and got it for our camping trip coming up in 2 weeks.  We can’t wait to get it set up, but it is Winter here (which no one warned me about, so I brought all of my summer clothes and everyone is wearing scarves and coats here!  Even though it is in the 60’s, it feels freezing!)  so hopefully the weather will cooperate for us when we set the tent up.
Sunday- Church, Brandon began his series on “Money Matters” and did a great job of teaching on “choosing to use your resources.” After church, we all walked down to a river about a ½ mile away and had a baptism.  The 2 men baptized had both been being disciple by Brandon.  At night, we had choir practice back over at church- Deborah taught music theory, and then everyone attempted to sing 4-part harmony with their new choir song.  I am so glad that my voice has come back a little bit, even though I still feel quite unwell, I have been able to sing again!
Monday- My big accomplishment for Monday was making P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps.  It took a bunch of substitutions and different sauces and everything, but they tasted SO good!  J 

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