Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First attempt at my personal Photo Challenge

Well, one of my first personal challenges is to try to take at least 2 pictures every day.  Some days I will have a theme, some days I will just shoot something that catches my eye.  But, I know a way to become a pro is to take pictures everywhere and of everything.  This helps you really learn your camera, equipment, and develop a eye for good angles, lighting, etc....

So, my first victim subject was Koby, our Maine Coon cat.  He is an eye-catching beauty, so I thought...easy....grab the camera, take a couple shots. 
Well, someone most have told him what was about to happen!!

KOBY!!!!!  Here Kitty, kitty!!!  Here boy!!!!

"I have to hide from the camera lady......"

"Has ANYBODY seen Koby?!?!?!"

"Nevermind, I found him!!!!"

 Well, I had a talk with Koby that included something about a scaredy-cat and that curiousity killed the cat, so he co-operated after that, and I got some nice shots!!!

I kept telling him to smile, but he informed me that only dogs I worked with what I got and I thought that they came out cute.  I did some minor editing on most of them, including removing a blemish he had in his lower eyelid that I took out in a couple of the pics.  Can you tell? 
Part of my learning experience will be learning how to edit- I am getting Photoshop Elements this week!


  1. Ha Ha cute story....the best is the tail pic....too funny:-)

  2. who are you getting it from... :)

  3. My Colleague, a very well-known photographer in the area! You should check out her portfolio!
    :) :) :)