Friday, November 5, 2010

Today's Photo Challenge

Two things I am learning as I try to take at least 2 nice shots a day- okay, make that three things:
1.) It makes you slow down and look for beauty, which is something we could all use!
2.) It makes me bring my camera everywhere with me, which is a good habit to form if I want to be a photographer! (It's harder when the camera is big, but you never know when a perfect moment is waiting to be photographed!)
3.) It is impossible to just get 2 shots!  Taking pictures is like eating potato chips, like the Lay's ad: "bet ya can't eat just one," I am seeing that it's the same thing with shooting!  Once you find something that catches your eye it is easy to shoot and shoot!  (I would be broke if I was shooting film! Except I do see a large external hard drive in my near future. ;) 

Anyway, today I was dressed, ready to go to my first event of my busy day when I saw out of the window that the rain had formed pretty little droplets on our japanese maple.  I thought, "I don't have time" but then I reminded myself of my challenge and ran and grabbed my camera. Needless to say a half hour later I came in completely soaked, had to re-straighten my hair, and proceed to the second event of the day!

Here is what I got:  (I was SO happy with the results!)
 I love the reflections in the water droplets.  I played around with the f-stops to let in more/less light.  It captured the whole front yard in the rain drop!  I also made sure I had my Auto-Focus setting to Macro.  I learned about my camera (it is probably true with any camera) that if you want to shoot really close to a subject you have to have your lens set to no zoom.  It's tempting to want to zoom in, but just get closer to the subject!

 I love how everything else is out of focus except that one big drop that is about to fall!

 <3 Love! <3

 So I happened to look over and see a fly sitting on a leaf.  When I looked closer I saw that there were drops gathered on the fly's wings making it hard for it to fly.  I got close with my lens and this is what I got!

This is my personal favorite!  I even got choked up when I saw the's so amazing to be able to capture this kind of detail with just a normal lens.  It also made me think that sometimes there may be things that we  have in our lives that will make it harder for us to fly!  That is when I am thankful that:

  "...They that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint." Is 40:31
Don't let life get you down! 


  1. Wow Ash these pics are truly spectacular! I loved how the tree in the 8th picture is so clearly seen as inverted! And that fly! Just amazing-truly! You have a gift and I look forward to more photos!

  2. wow, those are awesome!!! Everything is so distinct in the pics! You are getting so good!

  3. You are doing awesome! I love the one of the fly :)