Thursday, November 11, 2010

Today's Photo Challenge was a "Quack"

I was teaching for almost ten hours today, so I wasn't sure if I'd get my photo challenge in.  But I grabbed my camera "just in case" because I have learned to always have it with me. On my long drive, I was enjoying the beautiful sun shine, thinking how it's a rare thing for this time of year in NY.
Well, I was driving past Irondequiot Bay and the beautiful colors and scenery caught my eye, so i was happy I had a couple spare minutes before and after my first lesson of the day. 

None of these photos are edited, by the way!  I love the colors that my camera captured!

When I first pulled in the ducks were sending strange warning sounds to each other, and swimming away as fast as their cold little feet would take them. 

 I am aware that ducks don't have feet, but can't remember what they are called at the moment! 
 Maybe they are called feet??? 

 Love the water drops on the duck's head, and the water falling out of his mouth!

Anyway, by the end of my short time with the ducks they bravely swam closer and closer to me and were muttering new sounds which, obviously I am not duck expert, but I believe translated into them praying for a miracle for my camera to turn into bread. 
(If you are skeptical, notice them all praying in the picture above, except the seagull. Figures!)

Again, this isn't edited, but I got it to look like a watercolor by slowing the shutter speed way down!
And saying...Quack! (Cheese wasn't working ;)


  1. Ashley I love your blog you make me smile ---I miss you ... :)

  2. Great pictures, Ashley - you make ME smile, too. :-)

  3. Ash, you're so cute & fun! :) Love the pictures too...