Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Morbid Photo Challenge

There was something mysterious about this cementery that I drove by the other day.
With the bare trees, dead leaves on the ground, and somewhat haunted look of the large pine tree in the background; it made this long-forgotten cemetery my photo challenge of the day.

I am so glad I had my camera with me when I drove by this quaint, little cemetery.  
I made the mistake of leaving my camera home another time and drove by a field covered with Canadian Geese and pretty frost on the ground.
The most important thing I have learned on my journey so far is SO elementary and "duh,"  but makes all the difference and that is:
(Be's pretty profound.)

(I mean, I really think I'll be famous someday for this...)


Here it is...
"If you want to be a photographer you should always have your camera with you!"
All rights reserved, copyrighted, etc...  :) :)

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  1. you're great at capturing the atmosphere!
    have a lovely day :)