Tuesday, November 2, 2010


My name is Ashley, I am 23 and have started on an exciting journey that I want to share with the world!  I am inspired by beautiful things, love to laugh, and I'm a hopeless romantic. Since I was little I have loved anything to do with weddings. There's nothing more beautiful than a bride about to say "I do" to her dream come true.

On a totally different note, let me explain how I discovered my love for photography. Not nearly as glamorous as finding true love but potentially super cute or smelly depending on what they're doing at the moment- I learned about cameras being an apprentice for a dog show photographer named Joe C. Now, let me just say it wasn't all taking pics at first- for much of my apprenticeship I squeaked hot dog toys trying to get the dog to look the right way.  (Note to self: may not be effective if I start doing weddings someday!) I learned so much of what to do and what NOT to do.  When I first started working with him, digital cameras were not around yet so one of my biggest jobs was loading film backs.  One time we were really busy doing the most important pics at the end of the day and I accidentally let go of the film that he had just shot and watched in horror as it unrolled in front of our eyes.  Needless to say, I was really excited when he went digital!  When I was seventeen I started to shoot my own shots which was very nerve-wracking trying to remember everything I had learned, but it was also the greatest feeling at the same time realizing I could actually do it! 

 Since then, I have enjoyed taking pictures of any and everything. My best moments are watching people as they see pictures I've captured and seeing their reaction as they reminisce through the memories I've captured. I have wanted to start a blog for years, but after my recent trip to NYC for the PDN Photo Plus Expo I finally decided that now is the time!  A keynote speaker at the Expo was the acclaimed Chase Jarvis, who talked about how photography is more exciting than any time in history because of social media and the speed we can take, edit, and share photos! (And not worry about watching the film roll out of our hands...well, he didn't mention that, but I thought of it!) He had a few well-known photographers, including my favorite and a big inspiration to me: Jasmine Star who, though it became a joke for me and my friends that went on the trip, told us to Follow our Path!

Well, right now I am not exactly sure where I want my journey to end- but I know that photography is a passion of mine, and I am excited to get started. So I have come up with some a series of personal challenges to discover what makes a professional photographer which I will be sharing on here.

Some people seem to think that a camera and a blog makes them a professional.  Well, were that true I guess I would be now!  But, after seeing some of the greats this past week, I know I have a long way to go on my journey from A to P.  (That stands for amateur to professional, or for Auto to Program, or Apprentice to Photographer...or whatever you want it to stand for!)

I want this blog to be an inspiration for others so you can learn along with me as I discover about lighting, technique, equipment, shooting, etc.... I have big dreams for my journey and I look forward to seeing where this journey will take me.  I would love someday to be a unique, creative wedding photographer that captures the bride and groom's special day so that they will cry when they see their pictures, remembering those special moments but along the way I'd also like to continue photographing scenery, animals, and people.

Stay Tuned as I announce some of my personal challenges, share pictures, and commence this journey!


  1. I can't wait to see post!!! =)

  2. Aww - you DID it!!! Yay! I will defintely be following along and learning with you! Plus, your personality is hilarious and the things you write will bring many laughs. :-)
    CONGRATULATIONS on sharing your journey with us!